about us

Created by an 18 year old guy, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, The Yellow Sock is everything the world needs right now.

We sell socks. You might know that so far. But there's something you, for sure, don't know: we sell the best crazy socks in the whole world.

Our Story

Nicolás, a recently graduated from high school 18 year old, traveled the world for a huge seminar in Israel. There, he met really cool people: from USA, Canada, England, Australia, etc. He was suddenly coming out the "bubble", meeting people from all around the globe and getting to know different cultures, slangs, ways of dressing and behaving.

But there was this one thing that Nico loved: how all those people wore crazy, funny, beautiful socks. 'This doesn't happen back in Buenos Aires', he thought. But, as I told you, he loved that, and even it was kinda weird in his own community, he started wearing those socks as well.

Wearing crazy socks really colored Nico's life. He started buying loads of socks: black, pink, yellow, blue, with avocados, with bananas, with penguins. But he didn't wanna just keep trying to find and buy the best and funniest socks. He wanted to do something else, something bigger.

So, after some months, Nico finally opened his own funny socks store: The Yellow Sock. He produces and retails what -for him- are the best and the funniest socks of the market. 

The Yellow Sock's founder, Nico, is happy with his crazy socks. Get yours, like he did, and start coloring your world now!

Our address

Our phyissical address is 304 S Jones Blvd, #6022, Las Vegas, Nevada. Our Zip code is 89107

Our phone number is +54 11 5035 4657 and our email address is support@theyellowsock.com

Feel free to contact us at any time :)